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While i do love make up and i tend to spend a lot of my money on it i like to find a good deal when ever i can. Fragrance Direct is just that! Here are the few items that i brought.  

I am in love with the royal brush, i feel like its just the right size for my eyebrows and its my new go to brush, as far as the unique brush goes i haven't tried it out yet but the orange brush end is super pretty and i kinda don't want to mess it up!

I was really disappointed with this products, because as soon as i used it, it kind of melted, and slid apart. I guess the colour was nice though.

Essie Nail polish. something i thought id never bring myself to by, but for £2.49 why the hell not???!! Apart from having to use a few more coats than id like it is such a nice nail polish. Oh and the Miss sporty clear polish at just 50p was a bargain.

And last of all the Fashionista Bronzer in the shade Paris. Its a bit darker than the shade i normally use but i guess i don't have to use as much with this one and its pocket size which is even better as i can use it on the go! 

Have you found Fragrance Direct yet?

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