A few things i loved though out March

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So i think this might be my first ever favorites post... WOW. 
I haven't really been keeping track of the things i have been loving this month but after a long think, here are a few things. 

1. The mortal instruments - City of bones, I got this book for christmas off one of my bestfriends, I loved the film when i saw it and gosh the book is so much better. It is such a good read.

2. Zoella - Blissful Mistful. Another item my best friend brought me because she knows how much i love zoella. It is such a lovely smell! 

3. My pink glitter hip flask - I am a whisky drinker and this, well this flask comes with me on night out. (just in case i need a top up) 

4. Ciate Nail polish - Sweet pea, This is such a spring colour, and it drys matte which i love. It was basically at steal too at only £4.00

5. Lip liner - I don't even know the colour of this pencil, but its kind of pink/red it looks so nice on, and its pretty much all i wore last month. 

6. Boom earwear earphones - I got these sent me a week or so ago, and they are pretty amazing the ear phones are magnetic so they don't get tangles and the music quality is great! (LOOK OUT FOR A REVEIW POST NEXT WEEK)

What have you been loving though out march?

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