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A little background information you should know first is, i love fall out boy, therefore this post may be a little biased. But anyone who can appreciate good music, should understand. 

just last month fall out boy dropped their very amazing follow up to save Rock 'N' Roll, American Beauty/American Psycho, What a long title to keep writing out though aye! 
I  will give you a track list later on, but i'm just going to mention my favorites for now.  The first single released was centuries, which for a long time i have been obsessed with. Its a really amped up song, and is great to rock out to. Another few amazing songs on the CD are, 'The kids aren't alright' and 'Forth of July'. One of my absolute favourites is 'Jet pack blues' The thing i love about all of the fall out boy's songs are they each tell a story, and this one, for me tells a very emotional story. I guess everyone can see it in a different way, or not even see the story that lies in the lyrics at all.

Me and all of my friend group love fall out boy and we basically fell in loved with each and every song on the CD, But one i am in love with that i havent mentioned yet is 'Uma Thurman'. Its an amazing song that is peppered with references to pop culture, including a sample of the Munsters theme song. Its a pretty amazing song and will get you up on your feet!!

So if you haven't already listened to it, I will leave a spotify link so you can jam your hearts out. 

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