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One kind of post i have always enjoyed reading for some reason is mainly based on how to improve your blog even though most of them say the same thing - write great content ect.
I don't really focus much on my blog views, even thought i really want to hit 1 Million before the end of the year. But for anyone that wants to grow their blog then their views are a big part. I'm not going to lie it is a wonderful feeling when you love writing for your blog and people also love what your writing.

Even though i am writing a post about how to gain blog views, it doesn't really matter how many views you get, so take my tips with a pinch of salt, I'm no expert on it, and i doubt these tips will get you million of views. 

1. Social media is your best friend - (Unless you don't like social media) Social media is great for getting people to read your blog. I love using Twitter and Instagram for promoting my blog/posts as you can add popular hashtags, and there are also accounts made especially for re-tweeting bloggers tweets to help them get more readers. I like to use @femalebloggerRT on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Comment Comment Comment -  One thing i have found with the blogging world, is that everyone and i mean everyone loves to get comments on what they have uploaded, i mean who doesn't love feed back? Also if you're like me, your like to read other bloggers views on the posts you like, if you do then you will also see that most people leave a link to their blog. This will also help you gain more views simply because you have added your blog url. (Personally if someone leaves their url on my blog then i go straight to their blog to check them out, and most likely follow)

3. Back link to previous content on your blog - back linking to older posts can help readers stay on your blog for a longer time and increase the number of blog clicks you receive. Say you write about a make up look you like, and you have doe a few before, you could like back to those incase your readers want to see a different look..

4. Content - Okay, so i am going to mention content now, and trust me i am no expert at all because i just write what i love how i like. Lets just say you love to review different products, but its been written about tones off times before by bigger named bloggers then it would be in your favor to write your post a little different/ give it a twist. 
Lets just say i am scrolling though my bloglovin' feed and I've already seen posts on the product a tone of times before the chances are that i am not going to click on and read the post. Think of ways that you can grab your readers attention, or make them want to click on your post. I do find this rather hard myself as i don't quite know what my readers want, or will respond to but for me personally looking though my stats i get the most views on make up reviews and hair posts, i guess theirs a lot of girly readers out their aye?!

5. Be yourself - This last point is simple, be yourself. Write what you know. And enjoy what you are doing.

Do you have any other advice?

lilypad xo

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  1. I really liked this post, it was way better than others peoples posts about gaining views!

  2. I really liked this post, it was way better than others peoples posts about gaining views!

  3. Great post, it's so true that social media really helps to grow a blog, and content is super important as well!