Benefit Roller Lash Mascara REVIEW

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So it must have been a few weeks ago now when benefit released their roller lash mascara, and everyone in the youtube and blogger community went crazy for it.  Everyone wanted to try it out, and review it, and it was even dished out with the new elle magazine. 

I grabbed myself one of the elle magazines, basically so i could just try it out and review it. 
For a tester mascara it is so cute, even the packaging is pretty i mean benefit would never do any less, but i just love all the rose gold on it too. On the one side of the box it has the Research results, which is kind of a way to suck people in because of how amazing the results actually are. 

It is said that it lets you create ultra long full lashes. It grabs and lifts your lashes for a super curling effect, and It does just that. I have struggled for such a long time to find a mascara that will lift, curl and make my eye lashes look bolder but with out the clumps, i have never found one that does this!!!

The one thing that had me hesitating when i looked at the full sided product was the size of the brush, now its kind of small, but don't let that fool you. The mascara builds especially well. The wand's curvy side is perfect for building top lashes while the bush its self is small enough to be suitable for your lower lashes, i also love the mini one too, because the wand is small enough to work well on your bottom lashes.

Have you tried the mascara out yet?
What do you think? 

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