Beauty items I have been loving lately

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Since starting my blog, my love for make up has sky rocketed, I've gone from someone that only wanted foundation and eyeliner to get by to someone that loves all make up products, and having an obsession with lipsticks. Before and around Christmas time i invested in some rather expensive make up brushes, two of which are in this photo, firstly a blurring brush and secondly a crease brush, which i have been loving the use of to try out all sorts of eye shadow looks, oh and both of these brushes are from Urban Decay. 
Also for Christmas i got the Naked on the run pallet from Urban Decay ( I just love all of their make up and want to buy it all) anyways this pallet is amazing, and i use it basically everyday.. my only let down is the writing on the front has rubbed off..
Anyways, any one who knows me well, will know how hard i have tried to grow my nails out, (i just want long nails) and part of that i have been buying myself TONES on nail varnish to keep me inspired, The 'fun fair' Ciate nail varnish is one of my all time favs so couldn't be left off this list. 
Two of the next products have been my most used items so far, and by far my most loved lip products, first one being my lasting finish lip liner, and the next being a beautiful plum colour lip tint. I wear these most days, and the lip tint under a lipstick when i go out as it helps the colour stay longer. 
Lastly Id like to mention the roller lash mascara, how many of you guys love it? It is honestly the best mascara i have tried out, and it deserves to be in this photo and on my blog, because my lashes wouldn't be looking amazing with out this. 

I just wanted to talk about a few make up bits, simply because i haven't recently. 
Have you tried any of these? What do you think?

Lilypad xo

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