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Isn't it crazy to think of how much we actually rely on the internet? 
How long can you actually last with out it? 
Recently I've lasted a lot longer than you could ever think. I'm one of those girls, that love every social media site you can think of (apart from facebook). If I'm not checking my Instagram, I'm on tumblr, then twitter, and of course my snap chat story.For a long time i have relied on these, and some times my only communication is via them, but if you take that away what do you have? 
I used to fill my whole facebook page up with pointless and sometimes bitchy statuses (don't most teens though?) It took me, loosing 3 friends from it to realise how stupidly pointless facebook actually was. Why does everyone need to know how you are feeling every second of the day?
do anyone actually care?
I doubt it. 
So i deleted it. 
But then i got so obsessed with tumblr, i guess Tumblr's not to bad right? 
Unless you get on the bad side of it..
But then comes the anonymous questions,
More people wanting to know more about you, asking for updates on the life, who your dating, or who you and your boyfriend broke up. telling you your ugly or if your lucky beautiful, causing trouble, pretending to know him, or her, just like facebook, more people are wanting to know the ins and outs of your life. 
Are we all just searching for knowledge?
I am a sucker for Knowledge. 
I want to know it all.
Your favorite colour, your favorite film, your favorite band, your favorite tea? but more intense stuff too. Who do you like that band? why do they do for you? Your favorite colour is that today but what about yesterday? when you were young? why did you want to be when you grew up? why did you ant to be that? You like to sit outside at night on your own, why? what does the sky do for you? what are you thinking? why are you in love with the stars? 

All these questions.
I like to know someone inside and out, sometimes that's hard, sometimes you need the internet, you need to research them, or the band they like and you have never heard of. I know I've used the internet to search words people have used before, or things they like, or where they have been. 
But do you also know whats great about the internet?
yes i said it.
Go out, communicate, face to face. 
apply for that job in person, introduce yourself and shake hands with the manager. 
you like that boy? go meet him, go for coffee, hang out, see what hes like. 
Everything is different on the internet, 
Some good, Some bad.
but we need to see them for ourselfs.

The last week has been the best, no worries and no stress, no one to have to talk to and no one to please. 
I was myself, 
For once i was happy. 

The internet makes me happy too, well my blog does and my soon to be website. 
Not to mention youtube. 
But sometimes the internet takes over, 
I get lost.
But that is no more.
I'm back and more relaxed.
I've stopped worrying about my views, and friends, and pleasing people that don't know me. 
I'm feeling inspired and fingers crossed you will see that, and see me as i truly am.

Lilypad x

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  1. I can relate. Yesterday, I forgot my phone and had to get through the school day without it. I never realized how much I look at it.