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I guess it has been a while since i have last wrote anything at all, well it feel that way anyways. 
I have spent the last few weeks, very confused with some personal issues as well as having blogger block, I have no cue what to write about anymore, let alone what any of you guys would love to read. 
I have a few reviews that i have been writing though, so fingers crossed i will be back to uploading them weekly. Apart from that recently i haven't been able to write blog posts, and have been writing a lot of short story's, not having a clue if i should upload them or not. Were see about that though i guess. 
Also a week today, my online store will be up and running you will be able to find it HERE on the 15th of this month, as for now it is still under construction. I've been working hard on products for it, and frankly have spent WAY to much money on stuff. But I'm so proud of it and fingers crossed i get enough sales to be able to keep it running! Were see about that as well i guess. 
I have been finding it hard to make the sight international though,, as the postage is kinda mega high, but i should get that sorted in the next week or so! 
I have also been very ill! 
i have spent the last 4 days in bed sick, and even though i keep telling myself that this is the time i need to spend writing, i end up just watching films in bed trying to make my self feel better. 

Things should be up and running like normal again by next week, starting with a motivation monday!

I will speak to you then! 

Lilypad x

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