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Who would have thought that once upon a time I was actually an art student? Weird aye! 

I have now decided that for the next year, I'm going to be doing 12 different projects, selling what I make and give half of the money to 12 different charity's starting off local, with a shop called ECHO in my town, that helps disabled people take part in a variety of activities, including crafting, cooking,singing,dancing ect.. 
All of the money raised in the local shop goes towards the activities,so they can do more of what they love.

Yes I admit its a tad late to start this idea seeing as were basically a month in, but I'm sat here and realising i do nothing arty any more.... When in reality all I have ever wanted to do is work in fashion and textiles.. and i spent 2 years in art college. 

So this months I will be starting this project, and when i have finished this one, fingers crossed a week before the end of the month, i will be selling it all...
but the question is would any of you guys be interested in buying what i have made?

I have decided that for this months project i will be making jewellery. Starting with bracelets and then necklaces and chokers too. And depending on how many of you would be interested in buying the items, I'm going to be setting up a website to sell everything on..

Also Id just like to explain why i will only be giving half the money to charity, and that is simply because I will be needing money to pay for the next project and so on and so on...

Id love to hear your feedback on this idea? 

Lilypad xo

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