Simple - Kind to skin Moisturiser REVIEW

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Simple - Kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser 

I have been using this moisturiser for a few months now and honestly it is the best one i have found. It is definitely a very light formula and only the smallest amount is needed to hydrate your skin, this also helps with preserving the product, so it lasts a lot longer. I love that it has a very fine shimmer which adds a very healthy glow to my skin as well as making me look more fresh looking too. I have also been starting to use it before putting my make up on in the morning, and its make applying my foundation a hell of a lot nicer. Also the dry part of my skin don't show up a hell of a lot anymore when using this product. 

Since using this product, it has helped keep my break outs under control and i have read that it works well with the simple clensing wipes or cleanser too, so i will have to try that out too!!

1. Lightweight
2.Only a small amount needed
3.Keeps moisturised all day
4. Gives a healthy glow 
5. Easy squeeze tube

Overall, i love this product and will be repurchasing it as soon as i run out, i mean at around £4 it isn't to bad. 

Whats your go to moisturiser?
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Lilypad xo

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  1. I actually had a completely different experience with this moisturiser - it made my skin break out so bad! Glad it works for you though:)

    megan xxx

    1. Really? omg i must just be really lucky then!!
      Lilypad xo

  2. I use this one too! I love it :) I carry the mini travel sized bottle in my make-up bag then refill with the £4 version!

    Christie x

  3. That sounds like a good idea! :)
    lilypad xo