Rimmel London - Colour Rush REVIEW

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 So a few weeks ago i found these while shopping with my parents, I was rather surprised when i did because for the price of only £1.50 each they were a steal, because anywhere else they are like £5 right? Any ways i picked up these two colours, a dark pink and a lighter one, The dark one called "Boom chic a boom" and the lighter colour being "Make me blush"
how cute are the names though?

First of all i just want to say that i actually love these so much, and will probs be raving about them for months (I've already got my friends loving them) and i have posted about them a tone of time on Instagram and Twitter.

Applying the colour rush stick is pretty simple, just like you would any other product, and the extra added glossiness to it makes it a tone easier to apply, not to mention how wonderfully Moisturising it makes my lips feel.
I love the idea of these lip sticks too, because its also sort of a lip stain, and after the gloss of the lip product has run out the colour is still there (sort of).

I use this dark pink for a more bold lip, But surprisingly i haven't used it a hell of a lot compared to the lighter colour, simply because when the balm has run out, and the colour is meant to last longer, it simply leaves my lips all patchy. and leaves a ring around my lips, which have the time i don't even realise i have..

This lighter colour i have been using a hell of a lot, i love love love the colour, because its sort of a pink nude. I have also found that because this is a lighter shade it doesn't leave my lips patch either. 

Here's the swatches of the two colours together..

What do you think?
A product you would use? 

Lilypad xo

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  2. I have far too many lip crayons, i mean more than i can store so i've put off buying the rimmel ones but i think you just convinced me otherwise, those shades are too pretty.