My goals for 2015 / My first ever youtube video

by - 20:10

I have wanted to start my youtube channel now for over 6 months, but every video i have made i have hated.. 
Finally i made one, no its not chatty but its a start! 
i will be putting up beauty videos, and chatty videos and sometimes day in the life videos. 
I want to keep this channel as a sort of online diary, and well whats a better way to start then with my goals for the year?

Also the thing I'm most excited for is to be using my youtube channel to help me with stuff on my blog..
So when i upload photos I've taken on walks, I'm likely to vlog the walk...

Go check my video out? I'd love to hear feedback, or any videos YOU would love to see from me?

Subscribe to my channel for more videos from me! :)

Thank you thank you thank you in advance.

Lilypad xo

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  1. I'm glad you have decided to start with a youtube channel, I'm still planning to do so, but I'm not quite sure when will I start! Best wishes this 2015!
    Kisses from Mexico ♥

    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up