Motivation Monday #16

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I'm not going to lie to you i had no idea what to write about today. Most weeks i have it all done and ready to upload in the morning, but not today. In fact i have put about 3 different quotes on this page before i decided on this one. 
I wanted to show you this quote and write about it because it kind of hit me hard (metaphorically).

I have been interested in fashion all my life, when i was just 12 i wanted to be a fashion designer, and that goal hasn't been forgotten, but just thought of unreachable. I have been following lots of different fashion blogs for over the last year and honestly i have never felt more inspired to want to dress and style my clothes in different ways i have never thought of before. 

I am a plus size girl, most people know that.. and i have been struggling with my weight all my life. That is not why i am writing about this quote though, i am writing about this quote because being plus size i have always hated my clothes. I have hated going shopping with friends, buying clothes, and wearing them. 
When ever i do go shopping (alone) and i find something i like i always think "I'm not skinny enough to wear that" why is that? why should i be thinking like that? I shouldn't!! 
I have always hated my body image, and not in a no confidence way, it a way that it has made me very very depressed. but why should this be okay? its the same as girls sized 4, 6, 8 or 10 being made to feel ashamed for being that size, or looking the way they do. It's not that i just don't agree with the way girls are being treated, its the fact that girls are being miss treated by them selves because of these "rules" when in fact there isn't really any rules when it comes to fashion apart from this one...


Why would it matter if someone else doesn't like what you are wearing? it is after all your body, as long as you love it, nothing else should matter. So this week, when i go shopping i am setting myself the goal of forgetting what other people might think, and if i LOVE it i will buy it and i will wear it with confidence. That is all. 

Sorry for kind of ranting on a lot!! 

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