Motivation Monday #15

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positive thinking.

What a better way to start your day? I was once told by a lovely woman that when you wake up, and you look in the mirror when getting ready for the day, tell yourself something that you like about yourself. One positive thing a day, after a while you should start noticing these things more and more often and there forth start to like them more. 

For me this kind of helped but also i found that just because your naming things that you think are okay, doesn't always mean your start to like them. 
So even though i find that saying one positive thing a day helps a hell of a lot here are a few things i also do to make myself feel.. OK. 

1. I tell myself I'm Ok.
Over and over again, until i believe it.

2. Smiling, It helps, because people end up smiling at you back, and that gives me a good feeling! 

3. Listen to music, Music i love. I find that it is a lot easier for my to go out when i have my headphones on. I listen to fall out boy most of the time, simply because their music makes me feel great, and confident because of the beat, but also because of the words. 
If you feel confident then other people will think you are. 


Try them? I know there weird, but let me know if they help you like they help me? 

Lilypad xo

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