Hair hacks: Creating and styling curls

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So after doing a very loved hair hack post just before Christmas, i wanted to do another. I recently had my hair cut (well before Christmas) and thought id show you how you can curl you short hair, and style it a few different ways. 

One hair style i have been loving lately is Taylor swift's. She has been rocking the shoulder length hair cut recently, and i wanted to kind of do a look based on her curls. 
So here is my inspiration for this post..

My hair isn't as short as Taylor's is but i still liked the style and wanted to give it ago. The hair straighteners came in handy when it came to this kind of curls, because i wanted to create curls that were chunky and were lose to. I think this style of curls work really well compared to using a curling iron or something else... 

After creating these lovely curls, i wanted to try out a few different hair styles that would work well with the curls, so here they are.

1. The pin back.

2. The high ponytail 

3. Push back.

What do you guys think? 

Lilypad x

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  1. Love the curls! And your hair color is so pretty :)

  2. Your hair colour is soooo pretty! I wish I had that colour :)

    Anything & Everything

    1. Thank youu, everyone always says that haha! :) x