Artist of the week #8

by - 18:16

Kanye West. 

If you don't know who kanye west is then you must be on a social media/tv/radio blackout. 

Last night,while new York city dropped the big ball Mr West dropped this massive single that features the amazing Paul McCartney, that has made me fall in love pretty much all over again. 

Here is that single...

Since i heard this song a little big ago, it has been playing on repeat, i honestly cant get enough.
It makes me want to slow dance with my teddy bear at the end of my bed. 

I also really love the comment Kim wrote about this song and her husband. "Everyone asks me what my favorite Kanye song is. Its Only One. Kanye felt like his mom was singing though him to our daughter. This song makes me cry every time i hear it."

How cute is that? 

Let me know what you think? Id love to hear your thoughts about the song! 

Lilypad x

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