Advice 101 - Keeping Happy

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Everyone has those bad days, so i thought I'd jot down a few of the things i do to get myself though them. There is no, how to be happy step by step guide, everyone is completely different and handles sadness and happiness in different ways, but maybe these light hearted pieces of advice will help you feel that little bit better when you feeling sad.

1. Remember, Everything is temporary. Nothing is truly permanent. 

2. Sad music will only make you sadder. So watch some programs that make you happy, order a pizza, eat some ice cream.

3. That TV series you are about to start today? It will be there when you get back. go for a run, or a walk or go see some friends, fresh air does us the world of good. 

4. Don't dwell on the bad things that have happened in the past,everyone has been hurt. You'll get though it in time, surround yourself with positive people, people that make you happy, they will slowly help you get though the rough times and fix everything.

5. Keep a note of all the happy moments in life. A "Happy journal" for the moments that your sad. Looking back on the good times does cheer you up.

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