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Recently I've been getting more and more into fashion. Not just what Kim and Kanye are wearing, but I have found myself trying a hell of a lot more with my own style, with trying to dress better for my shape, and to make myself feel better with how i look. 
I have also been loving the app, Polyvore, You can create different sets, and you can pretty much find clothes from any store on there, which is amazing!
So a quick note... from now on, All of the 1 items 2 ways posts, will have been made on Polyvore.
You can check out my sets HERE

Using the Green jumper as the main item these are the two outfits I've put together. 

Green Jumper Statement piece

Look number 1: Styling a nice thick pair of leggings with a baggy over sized jumper is a perfect relaxed look. Adding a pair of healed boots, a statement necklace and a leather jacket is perfect for this winter weather. Not to mention you'd be kind of rocking the biker chick look.

Green Green Green

Look number 2: Ripped jeans are all the rage at the moment and pairing these with a baggy jumper and bomber jacket makes the perfect layered effect, adding winter boots, and a backpack too for all those day trips are an ideal match for the jumper. Also i love to colour coordinate my nails too so this OPI nail varnish is perfect. 

What do you guys think? 
Would you wear any of these? 

Lilypad xo

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