Stocking fillers

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One thing i have never been good at is buying presents, so this year i thought I'd try a little bit harder and I've pretty much have got everyone's gifts, and even a stocking full for my best friend. 
So here are a few stocking fillers that i have brought, and a few extra. 

1. Ear rings
2. Candles 
3. Chocolate 
4. Make up
5. Mugs
6. Mini frames
7. Phone case
8. DVD's
9. Loom bands
10. Snow globe
11. Scarf and gloves
12. Books
13. Nail varnish
14. Gift cards
15. X-box games

I hope this helps, and gives you a idea of some little stocking fillers you could get for my family or friends. 

Lilypad x

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  1. Replies
    1. Its so cute, I brought it for my nephew but gosh i should have brought my self one too!
      Checking out your blog now too :)
      Lilypad xo

  2. The snow globe is so pretty !

    1. I got this for my bestfriend and she loved it! :)
      Lilypad xo