So...? Dry Shampoo REVIEW

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When i first heard that So...? had realised a selection of dry shampoos, i was pretty excited to give them a try, not because i love dry shampoo but because i have always loved so...? as a brand.

I brought the So...? lovely, and reading up about this one i found that it is immediately meant to freshen up your hair and give it a lovely feeling as well as having a lovely smell of apple, violet and sandalwood.  

I liked the idea of having a quick fix item for when my hair got a little greasy and i was in a rush. So firstly i found that you need to use rather a lot for it to work and the product doesn't even leave white powder like other dry shampoos do, but it does need to be rubbed in a lot, also the 'soakage' seems to last pretty much all day. And smells amazing too (which you would expect from a perfume company) 

I found that it worked rather good in the sense of getting rid of greasy hair, but no in the sense that it gives your hair a heck of a lot of volume, which i love the added bonus of with dry shampoo, I picked up this one from savers for just £1 so for the price it is a rather great product.

Have any of you tried the So...? dry shampoos, if so what do you think? 

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  1. I've not seen these before but it sounds lovely,will keep an eye out!
    Kirsty x