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Launched on February 1, 2007 Polyvore has been the app that over 20 million unique visitors have used to style different outfits and shop for any fashion, beauty and home items that catch their eyes. 

When i studied fashion at college i used to use this site to find unique Vera Wang items and other big names like her, then i forgot about it, but recently i have been using it. Creating "Daily looks" and scooping out Christmas nails and other amazing beauty items. 

I like how you can arrange the items where ever you want them on the page, kind of like a collage, minus the cutting and sticking and then are able to share them with everyone on any social media platform. I am honestly addicted to this app, and I'm loving it right now.

Do you love styling? 
Then go check it out, and while your at it go check out my page, I'm following everyone back :) 
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