Motivation Monday #14

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I spotted this quote on Sprinkle of glitter's (Louise's) blog, and i thought it would be the best quote to use this week.

For the last few months i have been struggling with my mental health as well as with finding a job.
These are both related because my mental health is causing me to struggle with finding a job or even wanting to find a job. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a few months ago (when i was finally able to admit i was not okay) I know that is is kinda going off topic but kinda not..

I think the one thing that plays on my mind the most is how much i am disappointing the people around me. Even my family seem to judge me, and there is one person, that seems to love to rub in how good they are doing, or their family, or their kids. As silly as it sounds these are the things that hurt me the most. 

My point though, is that I'm recovering.. And after all the struggle, and applying to hundreds of jobs and not getting any of them, i worked out what i actually want to do. I want to blog. This is what makes me happy, and this is what i want to do. 
But it took me so long to figure it out, I did something i loved for two years and when i finished college i had to find something else i loved, and this is it. This blog. The people I've meet online. It all.

So due to all of this, I have chose to make this Motivation Monday about doing the things you love.
So bring on more blog posts, more interaction, and more updates. 
Thank you for listening to be blabber on and let me know what you get up to that you love..

Lilypad xo

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are starting to feel better. I'm sure I love reading your posts just as much as you love writing them. Good luck! :)

  2. Thank you so much, im glad you enjoy reading! :) xo
    lilypad xo