Collection 2000 - Volume sensation Lipstick REVIEW

by - 16:19

This has been my favorite lipstick for the last month so i wanted to share it with all of you guys.

 I've always had an obsession with lipsticks, And when i spotted this i fell in love with the colour and the name! - plum perfection. It's a gorgeous purpley plum colour with a shine to it. The lipstick is absolutely perfect for Autumn/Winter and for the price of £2.99 is pretty amazing.
It stays on pretty well, and when it fades it just goes a little bit lighter than the original colour,. I generally reapply every 4/5 hours depending on what I'm doing but it does tend to stay on pretty well for a moisture based product. 
The one thing i love about this product is that it is actually made to make your lips more plump, it contains up to 40% of volumising ingredients to make your pout look even more plump, you can even feel your lips tingle as soon as you put it on! 

This is defo a product that is a must have in my lipstick collection at the moment, and no doubt i will be repurchasing it as soon as i run out! You must go try it for yourself, If you love your purple shades as much as i do id try it out. 

Lilypad xo

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  1. That's a really nice shade! I always have a hard time finding a plum that isn't too dark. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Its such a lovely colour, thanks for the feedback:) xo

  2. What a bargain! Lovely colour :) x

    1. I thought the same when i spotted it! :) xo