Christmas at home

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Lights, we love fairy lights in my house, and these lead up the stairs their so cute.

Farther Christmas. I cant remember a year that we didn't have this little cutie. He sings, he dances what else do you need to put you in the Christmas mood? I used to dance around my front room to this when i was younger, and now all of my nieces and nephews do. 

Our hand made Christmas tree ornaments, The red stars that you can see in the bottom of this picture are stars that my older sisters made when they were younger, some of the other ones are ones my nieces and nephews made with my mum.

Oh yes and we have a real tree this year!!

Glitter glitter glitter. Who does love glitter? One thing that completes Christmas too.

So here's a small insight to Christmas at home.

Whats your fav thing about Christmas?

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