Artist of the week #7

by - 18:37

Daniel Wellington.

Recently i have been loving accessorizing a heck more than usual, so I've been trying to fill my draws full of the perfect bracelets and necklaces, but the one thing i have been loving way more than all of them, are watches. I recently brought a beautiful rose gold watch from next and i have been loving styling that it with different outfits. 
Then i came across a friend that put up a photo of their Daniel Wellington watch on instagram, and from that moment i have loved the look/style of these.  
There have been aa tone of different you tubers that have recently been gifted with this watch (mainly the rose gold one) (that i love) and i have only heard good things from them all. 
So if you like the look of these as much as i do, you should defo go and check out the website for yourself.

What do you guys think? 

Lilypad xo

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