Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag!

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Yes its a bit early, do i care? NO. Anyways its never to early to be festive, i mean Christmas isn't that far away now is it? 
I got tagged by Sarah  so thank you :) 

What is your favorite....?  

1. Festive Food
Lamb, and apple sauce, Stuffing, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings pigs-in-blankets, the whole lot. OMG and my mum makes one hell of a trifle at Christmas!

2. Reindeer

3. Day of Christmas
Christmas Eve of course. The day before Christmas, everyone is all excited, the presents are under the tree, and my niece and nephew get all excited and its just so lovely to see. 
I also like the build up to Christmas, so like a month before hand, when all the Christmas bedding and ornaments are out, and you know its not long till the day comes. 

4. Christmas Song
I'm not really a Christmas song person, but anything Christmassy ill sing along too! 

5. Christmas Present

I think most presents are great presents, I love pretty much everything i get so i cant pick a favorite.

6. Christmas Film
Polar Express has got to be my number one. Also the classics, Home Alone, Elf and the Grinch. Oh oh oh, also just any films that are on the true Christmas channel.. 

7. Christmas Cracker Toy

The dice? or set of cards!!! 

8. Christmas Cracker Joke

They all seem to be pretty cheesy and funny, maybe its the wine, or maybe its the Christmas spirit but they always have me giggling. 

9. Decoration 

10. Candle Scent

11. Christmas advert
the coca cola advert of course! when that hits the TV you know Christmas is coming!

12. Festive tradition
Making Christmas tree decorations, that's something we do every year.

13. Place to spend Christmas
Definitely at home. All my family come over and we spend it as a family like when we were younger. 

14. Festive fact
Christmas is the time to enjoy our selfs, eat a mince pie, stuff your face with chocolate and enjoy the time off school, college, uni or work:) 

15. Snowman accessory
A cute woolly scarf and hat, plus a carrot! 

Answering these questions made me think about Christmas a LOT! OMG I'm so excited.
I'm nominating everyone that's reading this to do the tag.

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