Friday, 3 October 2014

My favorite month!


Who doesn't love Halloween?
Well not me! 

I feel like everyone has their favorite time of the year, and mine, is the Autumn but mainly October. I'd first like to put out there that my birthday is in fact on the 31st... Yes Halloween. How cool right? well that's what I've been told!

Since i was little i always remember my mums friends from america coming and visiting our house. There were forever bringing me oreo's and anything Halloween themed. I loved it, i have had a lot of Halloween themed birthday party's that people always seem to love, and when ever someone talks about Halloween i get rather excited and i think that started my love for October. 

I can't just leave it down to it being my birthday at the end of the month, i mean i love autumn too. The rain, and the cold weather! Scarfs and beenies too! 

Heres just a few things i love about October!

Hot chocolates
over sized jumpers
Rainy days in bed watching films
cosy socks
relaxing family nights
comfort food
And the decorations

What do you love about October?

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