My Birthday

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Most people say HAPPY HALLOWEEN, but today I say happy birthday! 
Everyone thinks I'm always joking when I say its my birthday on Halloween, but I'm not and gosh today (for once) has been such an amazing birthday! 
Every yeah for some strange reason something always messes up my birthday for me, weather it be being in hospital or having a party shut down. But for once today I spent it with some lovely people, laughing so much I almost cried and making memories. I cant thank my new group of friends enough for everything thy have done to make me feel one in a million today!

Just the usual make up today, apart from my eyes were a bit darker, using the same shade of brown i use for my eyebrows i used for my eyes. Also purple lipstick.

Straight hair, apart from i gathered and twisted part of the front a took it and pinned it to the back, then added a flower crown to feel like a fairy queen!

Later on i changed the brown eye make up to a black and blue to darken my eyes, i back combed my hair and popped my flower crown back on.

Now meet Georgie!
Over the past month i have grown soo close to this girl, we get on like a house on fire, and we also like the same music, and books and ect. Well anyways, today when i thought my birthday was going to be as bad as the rest, she turned up and put a massive smile on my face. Helped me babysit, oh and we also made some cakes too! (would say yummy, but they weren't) 

She also brought me the cutest presents too!
Which i will probs put on in another post about what i got haha! 

My dad people... The one i always take very nice looking but funny photos with haha! he has been the best today! 

Thats it for now guys, hardly anything but my Halloween party is tomorrow so there's another post you will be having Sunday!

Keep smiling

Lilypad x

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  1. Aww happy birthday! Mine's not for ages... :( x