Face Lace!

by - 20:57

Halloween is one of my Favorite times of the year, most like other people too. The one thing i hate i trying to work out what I'm going to dress up as, or how to do my make up ect.. But this year i have no need to worry! 

You can find them HERE 

These two are the cheapest ones, and they have two different designs. One is a graveyard, and the other is spiders and spider webs. What i love about these are that part of them glow in the dark, and right now i LOVE glow in the dark stuff! These start at a small price of £8.50

Also the ones that i fell in love with were these beautiful designs, Inspired by sugar skulls (which I'm dressing up as for my Halloween/Birthday party) I chose this one to use as an example because it was the one i loved the most, even though there is a lot more on the website to chose from! They also have delicate sparkling gems on the patterns and would look amazing once caught with the light! 
I saw that these are a limited edition, so even more reason to go and get one, but are a little more expensive at £39.95 each. 

Even though i doubt i will be able to afford one of these this year, I'm going to see what i can do and recreate it myself (fingers crossed)  This website was just to good not to share with everyone! 


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