DIY pompoms

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I've been loving these recently. I went to a craft fair not to long ago and grabbed my self these red and yellow rings (also came with a small blue one) and I've been loving them. 

seeing as a few people have told me they don't know how to make pompoms, i thought id turn it into a small DIY post! so here you go, step by step, picture by picture on how to make pompms. The best bit is, its so simple!

I think the first set of photos is pretty easy to understand, pick the wool you want to use, make sure you've got enough and that it can fit though the rings. Before you start make sure the rings are facing each other the right way, so the ridge is facing inwards. 

Wrap the wool around until you cant get anymore wool onto the ring, that way you know that your pompom will be fuller. 

Cut though the wool, so that it is equal on both sides, the ridges will help with this, because you can get your scissors around the wool. Then you need to cut a piece of wool long enough to fit around and place that in the grove where you cut, and pull tight, knot it to secure it.

DONE! its that simple guys. and from there you can do anything!
watch out for some pompoms inspired DIY's though out the month.

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