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So this is coca, shes been in our family for around 13 years and last week we lost her due to being unwell and very old. I'm not going into any details but she was like a family member to all of us, and the loss of her has been horrible, the house has felt empty and it has killed all of us a little bit. 

I haven't written and posted in a while, and i was able to update due to posts i wrote last week before this happened. I was unsure if i was going to put this up on my blog, but i felt like i needed to put it somewhere, not that we are likely to ever forget her, but to show how much she was loved. 

 These photos were taken the day she died and as sad as that seems I'm glad I've got them.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that :( we never quite realise how huge a part of our lives animals are, but when they're gone it feels bizarre. I know just how you feel, hope you and your family are a little happier soon x

  2. Sorry for your loss :(
    Wishing you all the best & for finding reasons to smile again!