Artist of the week #6

by - 20:27

Pink! Not the colour, The singer!

This week i rekindled my love for pink. I mean i have always loved her as a singer, and performer, but i haven't really listened to any of her music, until maybe last weekend. When i say i have rekindled my love, i mean her old school music (2009) and I'm even writing this post while listening to fun house. 

One of the reasons i love pinks old school music, is because of how real it is, she sings about what shes going though, She has so much attitude and i mean when some of the songs were released she was going though a bad time and she put in all in the songs she wrote and i think anyone can tell that. 

But anyway, here are my top 5 pink songs for all you guys! 

Pink - Who knew

Pink - Fun house

Pink - so what

Pink - Raise your glass 

Pink - Fucking perfect


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