Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Camilla Elphick

I loved London fashion week, and sadly as its come to an end i haven't got round to post anything about any designers i liked. Now i must admit it would be a lot easier to see these designers and their designs close up to be able to chose some that i liked, but how ever, we are on the internet, and gosh the internet is a wonderful thing.

I popped on over to the Camilla Elphick website and found the Spring/Summer 2015 look book, and honestly i love these images Even though the shoes are not the main focus. 

You can look for yourself here..




Even though i loved the photos above you cant really see the shoes in detail so here you go. Personally i think there are all beautiful, and she is a very amazing designer.
Her shoe range is inspired by all things lucky. she was once given a necklace featuring the word "lucky" and she wanted to create a range of shoes for women with that in mind, because shoes should always make a girl feel special.
_MG_5830 copie.jpg
Gold Dust

Royal Flush
Black Magic

What do you think of her new shoe collection for Spring/Summer?

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