September Love.

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September Is basically the first month of Autumn, The weather starts to turn, and gets colder, and i don't know about you but it is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to snuggle up in a big baggy jumper, light a few candles and watch a film. September is kind of a cross over period, its not quite summer any more, but its only just Autumn. Some days are sunny, some are raining, and some are freezing cold. So every day is different but your autumn wardrobe comes out, and i love Autumn/Winter fashion. 
I also cant wait for September to be over and to get into October!
But heres a few things i personally like about September.
1. Taking LOTS of pictures 
2. Slouchy Jumpers
3. Hand crochet scarfs 
4. Hot chocolate
5. S'mores
6. Open fires 
7. Saturday night tv!
8. Autumn/Winter fashion
9. Early nights with a book
10. The early nights

Maybe a few of you like some of the same things as me?
Enjoy your September as much as i will!

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  1. What I love about September is the start of school and seeing all the new fall fashions in stores. I also love eating all the rich and scrumptious foods that the fall season has to offer, hence way I love Thanksgiving, and stuffing my face in cranberries and stuffing served with some chicken (I find the traditional turkey dinner to be dry for my tastes...)

    Tragic Couturist

    1. i wish i was one of those people who loved the start of school. But yes the food is the best! x

  2. Autumn fashion is my favourite! I can't wait to get my camera out more too :)
    I also made a blog post of Autumn time - feel free to check it out :D x