Motivation Monday #5

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For this week i wanted to find a quote to do with changing dreams. I fell in love with this quote because it is true for me right now. I feel like some times on the way to your dream, just like you your dream changes. 

I have recently broke up with my boyfriend, and dropped out of college. I came to the conclusion to drop out of college because it was no longer what i wanted to do, My anxiety has been eating away at me and i didn't feel like i could do something i wasn't 100% wanting to do, let alone want to put my self though another year of college. College was never somewhere i was happy, and i hated going. I officially dropped out of college today, and even though my dad is a bit mad because i still cant find a job, i feel like it is ok.

Why do something that doesn't make you happy?
Why put your self though something that your going to hate?  

Since i was about 12 years old i wanted to be a fashion designer, i wanted to be in the fashion industry go to uni, and move to London and that was the dream i always had. I'm now a month away from being 19 and its starting to change, i mean I've wanted to move to Brighton for the last 3 years, and i now longer feel like uni is for me. I don't really know what i want to do at the moment, but i know that my dream is no longer my dream and that is ok. 

I hope that if anyone is in the same place as i am, then don't worry, because things will come together soon. And its okay to find a different dream it really is. 

lilypad x

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