Falling in love all over again.

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Photography has always been something i have loved, and i had always hated editing because i felt like taking a good photo has nothing to do with editing, so i never edited anything i did though out 2 years, until recently. 

I took this photo Monday night while out with my friend Becky, The sky lit up and it looked amazing, so i couldn't not take a photo of it. In fact i think i have a problem with the sky, because i fall in love every single time i take a picture, its always a different colour or the clouds are different, and in a way it reminds me of people, because even though all the clouds are different, there are people that love them, there are people hat love the different shade of colour's that flow though the sky. just like people. 

To begin with i thought the original was good but then i played around editing it seeing what i could do with the brightness ect. 
The first one being the original and the bottom two are edits that i did, one lighter than the other. 

I have fallen in love with editing simply because you can turn a picture into something completely different, i mean in the bottom picture the trees look more like silhouettes and the sky looks different colours.
I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.
which one you like most?

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  1. All great photos and edits!
    My favorite has to be the last one. Just something about it.
    Well done. :)

    Jay xx