DIY Glitter Jars

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Who doesn't love to add a bit of glitter in their life! 

Something I've wanted to try for a while is these glitter jars, i must admit mine do not look as perfect as the other DIY's I've seen but hay ho, here's my take on this simple DIY.
And gosh I've loved using these! 

You will need:
Glitter (any colour's you wish)
Masking tape

The best thing to do first is to decide how much of your jar you will be covering and what patterns you want to put on to the glass. Also the colour's you are going to use, and make sure they are in reach. 

Cover the areas you don't want covered in glitter, in masking tape to insure no glitter goes on to that spot. then plaster it in glue, you can use any glue for this but i found PVA glue was best.

Cover the glued areas with the glitter, making sure that you cover all of the glue so that its not patchy once finished. Shake it off so that you are able to put the access glitter back into the tub or container that it came in. Leave it to dry before taking off the masking tape as it will still be sticky at this stage. Once dry peel off the masking tape, and boom. there you go. you have your own glitter jars. 

I'm now using mine for my make-up brushes and hair brushes. I love that it adds a bit of glitz to my room.
Keep sparkling
Lilypad x

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  1. great idea, these are so pretty! I've got to give them a go! x

  2. cute Idea! will try out this ^^

    Z ♥

    1. thank you, you should defo give it a try:) x