6 lessons in 6 months

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Sadly no motivation Monday today, but i do have a good reason! 
Lillieepad Is 6 months old! It honestly feels like I've been blogging for so much longer. When i first started my blog i didn't realise how much it would mean to me, but i find my self doing something blog related every single day! I feel like from beginning and knowing nothing about blogging and the blogging community to 6 months down the line, i have picked up a few things, so here we go, 6 lessons i have learnt in 6 months.  

1.start for the right reason - I think this is one of the most important thing to remember. If you want to start a blog, work out why, if its for making money or getting free items then its clearly the wrong reason. I started my blog because I wanted to have a place of my own, i wanted to write, gain confidence and meet new people. I feel like if i gain anything else from this then it is a bonus. 

2. Make time - I think this is one of the hardest things to do, but the most important. ALWAYS make time for your blog. For me this is pretty easy, because i used to have lots of spare time where i would just lounge around watching t.v not really doing much at all. Where as now, I'm always doing something blog related, some times on pintrest getting new ideas, or reading other bloggers posts (most the time where i get my inspiration from) and then other times I'm writing, because i like to post on specific days and i like to have my post written before hand, some times writing a day before its going up is easier so that you know you have it done and don't have to worry about it.  

3. Stay inspired - Staying inspired is a up and down thing for me, sometime i find something that inspires me every day and then other times i have to ask my mum for help, to see if shes found any designers she likes and she ALWAYS sends me pins to inspire me. I also like to keep a folder of pictures that inspire me so i can flick though when i need it, and i also have my wardrobe door covered in photos that i think are amazing and colour's and drawings and designers sketches that keeps me inspired too! Sometimes writers block is the worse, You want to write but have no idea what you post with this problem i find that keeping a list of topics or ideas you want to cover is most important and will help you out when ever you get stuck.

4. Followers/page views - DON'T over think this! Even though it is a nice feeling when ever someone new follows you or you have loads more page views, it is very easy to let this over take your blog. Don't let one follower effect how you feel about blogging. I've learnt that you cant always make everyone happy, so focus on what you love and worry less about other people! Just stick to what you love and the right people will follow you! 

5. Stay connected - Staying connected is also another really important tip, and I've found that if you don't stay connected no ones going to know who you are, or anything about your blog. I've tried to use my social media as much as i can when it involves my blog. I also find that commenting on other bloggers posts that people can find your blog that way too, plus everyone loves some feedback! 

6. Post post post!! - With a blog it is so important to make sure you post often. I feel like when i was posting everyday, was the time that i got my most views and comments because there was something new to read everyday. Another important thing is to make a schedule, I normally post 4 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8pm. I have found that if you post on a schedule then your followers will know when to check your blog, and when your next post is likely to be, Bloglovin is also a good way to keep track of your favorite blogs. 

There are lots more tips i could give, but here is 6, I hope to be blogging for a log time, and no doubt i will learn a lot more lessons and tips i could give you. 

Keep blogging
Lilypad x

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