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Rimmel London stay matte powder

I've been using Rimmels stay matte pressed powder for around 2 or 3 years now, in between trying different ones out too and i fell that it is the best powder i have found so far and i swear by it, so here's a little review for you. 

For a while i was using stay matte on its own with out foundation or any other face product, and i feel that it is lightweight and makes you feel like you haven't got anything on your face, (not all powders do this.) At different times of the year i find that my skin can go very dry and while trying a few different ones i found that they high lighted the areas of my face that were a bit more dry than the rest, and i hated that. Then i tried Rimmels powder, that i spotted in boots and it went on nice and smooth, and covered all of my face without giving the impression of an over-powdered face, or making my dry patch's stand out. 

I use the transparent colour and have always used that colour because it is light wont change the colour of my face. Its gives a very natural look and just finishes off my make up look and makes my foundation and concealer stay on longer, which i love because then that means not having to put more and more on.. As the day goes on sometimes my face can go shinny, and just a quick brush over sorts that problem right away, so if you have a problem with shin then this products is defiantly worth a try. 

You honestly cant go wrong with Rimmels stay matte powder, and I've seen a lot of different beauty bloggers and youtubers rave about how good it is! 

Stay beautiful,

Lilypad x

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