Motivation Monday #2

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Motivation Monday!

After a very stressful week and a lot of heart ache, i thought this was a good quote, and is very important to me. 

Ever since i was 11 or 12 i was interested in fashion, and i would sit and draw out different outfits, and flip though fashion magazines, making mood boards of different ideas. i would also sit at the sewing machine for hours making bags and pillows just for fun.

With my Auntie and Nan both owning their own businesses creating bespoke pieces for very well known people, and castles around the country, and having a cousin that creates costumes for Broadway shows i knew i wanted to be like them. Though out high school i knew i wanted to go to art college to study fashion and textiles, and so i did, i had a lot of struggles though out my time at college, and the only thing i have ever wanted to do was work within the textiles industry.

I feel that at times, everyone struggles, and since i have started this blog i have read that a lot of people struggle the same way i do. Even though knowing this i have never wanted to give up my day dream, in fact it has just made me more determined to prove i can achieve what i set my mind to.  

I'm only 18, and there is a lot of things i could do with my life, i start a new art course in September, and then will be applying for unis down south, Brighton being my first choice. 

Someone once told me that to succeed i must believe. And even though i am no longer close with this person, i feel at times that he was the only one that believed in me, and when i needed it he would push me to do as well as i could. I achieved a lot because of him, and he will always be someone i look up to. 

This post I've sort of rambled on about myself, but i hope that maybe this helps someone.
just remember...
"too succeed you must believe" 

Lilypad x

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  1. Loved your post, I know how important it is too stay optimistic. I'm often guilty of being a bit of a defeatist :( but always believe in yourself, I know I'm a much happier person when forgot about all the negatives and possible hurdles. I'm 17, about to start my last year of school - I'd love to move to Brighton for uni. xoxo

    1. I think staying positve makes you a better person in all kinds of ways, it will make you happier, and look more confident which every girl loves to look (even though we knew were not)
      I'm looking at courses for 2015 and im getting rather excited! i cant wait to be in uni:)) x