Lunnaaclothing wish list

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2. Atlas map pocket white tee, find it here:-

3. Flamingo pink scrunchie set, find it here:-

4. Delilah dust quartz necklace on snake chain, find it here:-

I'm in love with these items! I've already got the hair scrunchies and am in desperate need to get the rings and necklace some time soon too! They are so feminine and so cute, They are the perfect summer accessories a long with the shades.
The price range of the items are amazing and are the lil jems you can find on here are really good value for money.
You should defiantly pop on over to their website and check them out :)

Stay stylish
Lilypad x

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  1. Hello!
    I tried writing to you through your blog but I couldn't find anyway of messaging you so I thought i'd leave you a message
    Thought i'd let you know that I've nominated you to take part in the leibster awards for people with 200 or less follows
    So if your interested then its on my blog ... let me know if you decide to do it, id love to see your answers!


    1. owww, thank you for nominating me, that's made my night,
      but I've already done it so i wont be doing it again sorry,
      thank you for nominating me though my lovely! :) xx

  2. Love these items, going to check the website out now x

    1. Go girl! they've got some lovely croptops and two pieces too:) x