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One of my mad obsessions is candles, I mean I've got such a large selection of candles in my room its unreal! from lovely scented tea lights, to yankee candles and massive jars of beautiful smelling candles that live on my shelf and only get lit when I'm sad. And then there's this one. I got brought this one last month some time. It is honestly the most beautiful smelling candle i have ever owned. 
The moment i smelt this candle i knew i had to have it, and my boyfriend at the time brought it me as a gift. 

This candle reminds me of a shop in town where i live called zenith, Its hard to explain the smell unless you've smelt it, but there's always incense burning and the oils out and it just smells so lovely, but i guess that's just the sandalwood smell.

Sandalwood candle from TK Max - £6.99 

I feel that this candle is amazing value for money, and makes my room smell magical, Its made in Spain as the label specifies and is hand poured, and i fell that just that little bit of information makes it even more special, because someone put hard work into making these candles pouring the wax in by hand. In a weird way its made with love. 
One thing that i did notice with this candle, is that it doesn't say how long it burns for, as when i normally buy candles i look at that first because then i know roughly how long ill have that candle for. But i feel that it has lasted me a very long time, and It was a very good purchase.

If you love candles just like me you can find this in TK Max or amazon last time i checked, i would really recommend this one! :) 

Lilypad x

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  1. I'm obsessed with candles too! I find them so soothing and relaxing :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. they are so relaxing, light a few candles and I'm automatically in a good mood:)
      I'll check your blog out now:) xx

  2. I may have to try and find myself one of these candles, I too am a candle fan! This is a lovely post!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! For all the information you can check out the post over at

    Have a wonderful day!