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For this weeks artist of the week I'm going to take the chance to talk about my own work may it be art and crafts or stuff i have written. But today m just going to stick to the stuff I've written..

One of the main reasons i started my blog, was because i started writing again. I filled a book full of short storied and experiences i have had, all based around one particular boy.  I was in love i guess, And before anyone judges me and says i don't know what love is, i probably know a lot more than you think.
Anyway i was in a long distance relationship for some time and I felt like i had a reason to write, and i really enjoyed it, i was expressing my self though my writing for once and i loved that. Even now, after hes gone, after all of it is over i still feel like i can write, i mean from the memories, and things i have experienced. 
As silly as it sounds, I saw this paragraph and i fell in love with it, I'm not to sure who wrote it or if its quoted from a book or something. but its describes me and my situation down to a tee, and even though its a bit of a bad situation, i wanted to share this and the beautiful writing with you all. 
When you let a writer fall in love with you, you are giving them permission to turn you into their passion, their art, their writing. You allow them to study each part of you and make tons of comparisons to the color of your eyes and the way they feel when they kiss you. That’s why I’m so fucked. You left. You were my art and I still can’t stop writing about you. I can’t seem to change my subject. It’s awful; you’ve poisoned the sky for me because all I can do is think about your eyes. There are so many things that remind me of you that some days it’s so unbearable so I stay in my bed all day, but that doesn’t help either because my room still has everything you’ve ever given me in it. I can’t throw away all my art about you. I have spent over a hundred pages of paper on you. I’ve even given you writing made just for you to read. I really hope that you didn’t throw them away because that is my art, my work, my writing. My love is so much deeper than you know. I’m stuck on you like you’re paper and I’m the pen. You’re just a person to everyone else, but to me, you’re breathing artwork and inspiration.
— What happens when you let a writer fall in love with someone

So i was thinking that maybe once a month i would just drop in something that i have written. Hoping that people will like that idea, and want to read more. 
I'd love to know anyone's thoughts and ideas on this, so comment, or tweet me what you think.

Keep creating. 
Lilypad x

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