Motivation Monday #1

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Motivation Monday!

While on my hunt for new topics i could cover on my blog, i saw a few people doing "motivation Monday" and i really liked the idea. One thing led to another and now here i am writing my first one! 
Everyone i have read has inspired me, and made myself feel good about my future and the things i could do. 

One of the things I've been most obsessed with is Pinterest. And while looking at different topics as such i came across the quotes. And a few jumped out at me.

I chose this picture quote for my first motivation Monday, because i know how people struggle from time to time, with work, college, school, friends, family or life just in general, and its not that easy to focus on the good things in life. 

Its so easy to get suck on the things that your bad at or things you hate about your self especially when there are people around you making you feel bad for being who you are. But it is so much more productive and will make yourself fell better if you stop judging your self for not acting or looking the same as someone else, and focus on the good things you like about your self, and the good things in the world. 
Take a brake, go for a walk, listen to some music, talk to someone who makes you happy.
treat yourself. 

It is good to be unique. 

lilypad x

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  2. beautifully written! it's all about attitude!! :) love the quote you found on pinterest!

  3. thank you so much guys! means a lot:)