Lamoda Wish list

by - 13:48

After finding the website a few months ago, I've seemed to fall in love with everything on there, but here's 7 items i would love to add to my collection. I would defiantly advise you to go check them out. 

1. Sahara blue hand bag, find it here:-

2. Serra black buckle sandle, find it here:-

3. Pink and cream set of 2 gold rings, find it here:-

4. Sammia necklace in blue, find it here:-

5. Aida necklace in pink, find it here:-

6. Domonique fucshia hand bag, find it here:-

7. Aubrey purse light blue, find it here:-

Lilypad x

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  1. came across your blog from zoella's and though i would check it out

    omg your blog is amazing :) i love the design will defo keep reading

    i have just uploaded a new post if you wouldn't mind commenting what you think

    thank you have a nice day

    1. that's really nice of you to say, thank you! ill go check out your blog right now :) x

  2. Replies
    1. they have a wonderful selection! go check them out! :) x