Artist of the week #2

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One of the things i started while in college, was my mood-board, i wanted to do something different, and i covered my wardrobe door in artists work that i really liked. Its covered in anything to do with fashion and textiles, or art that inspires me, things like fashion sketches and graffiti art. So from that I've chosen an designer that i fell in love with a couple months ago while researching fashion illustration. 

My artist of the week this week is Kenzo. Kenzo is a Japanese fashion designer, that moved in the 60's to Paris to start his fashion career.
For those of you that follow fashion closely you already know that kenzo Paris has teamed up with a multitude of artists, celebrities,musicians and are likely to have been see on the backs of Selena Gomez and Beyonce.  

I first fell in love with kenzo due to his amazing fashion sketches, and even thought i knew he was a world known fashion designer, i fell in love with his sketches before i even looked at his run way shows. 

Kenzo Paris - Spring 2013 collection. 

Kenzo's 2013 spring collection was inspired by the clouded leopard of Asia, this collection was both fierce and feminine. Therefore, its no wonder that beyonce asked Kenzo to design and create custom pieces for her Mrs. Carter world tour. No wonder this collection brought a whole lot of attention to the company. 


Kenzo is known for his bold prints and innovations in fabric. And when he first started off he developed his aesthetic because he could not afford luxe fabrics so he mixed and combined textiles he found at flea markets, and then also went on to mix matching his prints to make statement pieces!

Kenzo is one of those designers that I've fallen in love with, and i love all of his work! you should defiantly go and check the website out!

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