Artist of the week #3

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John Legend

This week is just a quick one but after a lot of consideration, my artist of this week is the singer john legend. He Is mid 30's and from america his music is grouped in the genres R&B, soul and hip hop even though people would say hip hop is more rap where as this wonderful artists music is mostly old school and R&B soul. 


I chose my artist this week because this week was really the first time i fell in love with his music, i love the R&B soul vibe to the songs that i have listened too in the last few days and i feel that most of the c.d is written and based around love.

John legend is releasing his fourth album, "Love in the future" on September 3rd though G.O.O.D. music Columbia. Songs that you will find on this album are,
Made to love,
All of me,
Tomorrow and
You and I
With many other more amazing songs featuring productions from Kanye West and Rick Ross. 

This is the Song/video that made me fall in love with john legend, the words as well as the meaning behind the video is perfect so go have a listen. 

Lilypad x

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