A Garden Full Of Flowers

by - 21:15

Only a quick one today but one of the main things i love in the summer, is how amazing my garden always seems to look, year after year my dad seems to make our garden look wonderful, and half the time its a surprise with what flowers do come up as we replant most of them again every year. 

It was such a lovely day today! The sun was shinning and the flowers were blooming so here's a small look the flowers in my garden.. 

Lilypad x

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  1. These are so lovely! Especially, the bell flowers. Very nice photos and good post :)


  2. Beautiful photos! Would like to inform you that we have nominated you for an Liebster Award! Post will be going live today at 5pm GMT so make sure you go check it out on our blog! Thank-you! :)

    - Rhian and Ellie x