Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Today I'm going to talk about Youtube channels. About 6 months ago i started watching youtube bloggers more and more, and sometimes its nice to hear advice rather then reading it, and i lot of different youtuber's have helped me, with out knowing about it. One of the things i love about youtube, is that its given so many people (behind the camera) confidence that they once might not have had, and you can see them grow from their first videos to their latest. 
Below I'm going to list my top 5 youtube channels that i have fallen in love with, that make me laugh and give really good advice. I think there all wonderful youtubers, and you should defiantly go and check them out.   

1) Zoella

Zoella's youtube channel has got to be one of the first i ever started watching, i think she is by far one of the funniest girls i have ever watched. Her videos are basically a mix of everything, a lot of fashion and beauty related videos, but she gives amazing advice on issues that most girls come by, and lots of different collaborations with her little youtube family. Shes originally from bath, but now lives in Brighton (the town I LOVE) 
After i realised she started off with a blog i went and found it right away, and have been checking it for updates ever since.

2) Tyler Oakley 

I started watching Tyler Oakley around the same time as Zoella, As i found his channel though one of their collaborations. Tyler is one of those people that not everyone would love, and to start with i didn't really know what to think, but now I'm in love with him and his sass! 

3) Sprinkle of glitter 

Louise aka sprinkle of glitter, is also someone else that i found via Zoella's youtube. I Loved how her and Zoe were both such great friends and how on screen they were just so funny together. (I also fell in love with her hair) because at the time i had the same sort of thing, only i had brown hair. While spending a day of watching all of Louise's most recent video's i felt like she was someone i could look up to. and gosh baby glitter is cute as a button! 

      4) Mylifeaseva

      I found Eva's channel after searching for a DIY a few months ago, after i watched one video, i watched another and another and another and now i watch all of her videos! She makes videos about daily routines, fashion, DIY's and hauls. I like eva because of how easy all of her DIY's actually are to do,and there such amazing ideas too! 

      5) Evelina

Evelina has both a blogg and youtube channel. I first started following her only when i recently got into youtube again, and i always loved her DIY's and her fashion cafe of course, i also fell in love with her russian accent! In videos she talks about DIY's, fashion and her trips around the world.

All of these channels are amazing and I hope you guys checked some of the channels!

Lilypad x

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