5 steps to well being

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1.  Connect - Connect with the people around you,friends neighbors and colleagues. Make sure you spend time developing relationships with those around you. 

2.  Be Active - Walk, cycle, play a game, or swim. find something that you enjoy doing and make activity part of your life and daily routine. 

3.  Keep Learning - Learning something new can give you confidence and a sense of achievement. Find a course, learn something new like how to play an instrument, there are lots of new things you can try. 

4.  Give To Others - Even the smallest things count, being there for friends when they need you or even smiling at a stranger in the street. Volunteering can also help.

5.  Take Notice - Be curious, be aware of the present moment, your thoughts and how you are feeling. Be interested, you can change the way you think and feel and cope with the changes life brings your way. 

These are five steps that i have recently been trying to follow thanks to someone very important to me in the last 6 weeks. Shes helped me though a lot! 

I hope these help you, like they have helped me. 

Lilypad x

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